You can vouch for things you don’t know about, be smug about the victory you smuggled out of my open throat, you can do all that

But You left a part in there, in the gushing red blotch of blood, you left an inch of truth. You are made of glass but created to break rocks. Is that too hard? Out of your context? Or even with me? Continue reading


10 things that happened in October for me #Octofest3

“Oh Stranger, Stranger…..stranger things have happened I Know”                              – Author Unknown

We in November guys!!

How was the first day, eh? My friends and I especially hope that November is as nice as October, or even more nice! I wish and pray for us all!

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Top Best Sales with Huge Discounts- Nationwide

Taking care of yourself is always important. Buy yourself something nice, a nice person like you deserve it!                          -Heartsinink

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Welcome back guys, I do hope each and everyone is enjoying these octo-fest daily posts as much as I am! Today, I’m back with the big-talk! So sorry to my international readers who cannot benefit from these sales, I love you guys so much, still!! Just stay with me and trust me, people, things are flooding! Continue reading Top Best Sales with Huge Discounts- Nationwide

TOP 10 October Favorites: 2017

Okay, here we go with the first october tribute post. I present to you the Top 10 October favorite things that had me enthusiastic about the whole month. These things are from little to random things that were all significant for me in October. Okay, enough rant…..let’s jump right into it then and let me know some of yours too, okay; Continue reading TOP 10 October Favorites: 2017

Tributes to October: The Introduction

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

                                                                  –  L.M. Montgomery

The Big day is HERE! If anyone has noticed the countdown by the side, you will know something gooood is on the way……and your girl is just too excited! COUNTDOWN is drowned!

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True Soul-Saturday story..

“Running is the easiest solution to every problem. The capability of choosing this option on the basis of problem defines your personality.”
David Barik

Hi loves. There was this scary thing that happened when I was a kid. It was one of those scariest things that got you shaking all over and makes you consider the option of going far away; just maybe the problem can vanish upon return. Continue reading True Soul-Saturday story..

I wasn’t lost, just apologetically absent!

“Sacrifice is at the heart of repentance. Without deeds, your apology is worthless.” – Bryan Davis

Hi guys, should I pinch myself? Should I? I feel like I do deserve that for the unexplained absence. First of all, I did missed you guys terribly so, and that is why I have made a pact with myself that apologizing is enough! Continue reading I wasn’t lost, just apologetically absent!