My Red shade of Awkward…

You remember the awkwardness you felt the first time you try to go in for a kiss and then realize your partner was aiming for the cheeks? Have you guys experienced that yet? Damn!! It’s an all time shade of awkwardness because then you have to deal with the aftermath and force a smile that says ‘dang!!’.
Okay, that is enough! Let me tell you the most awkward experience I’ve had with boys, and I tell you…that awkwardness you felt about the rejected kiss is belittled by this!

When I was 14 years old I had a huge crush on this particular ‘bad boy’ in my school, he was the most beautiful human I have ever seen ‘that is then to my 14year old self….several years ago’. He had this cute dimples that always become darker when fully exposed and this boyish smile that weakens my whole feeble body, although he smiled less often according to me. My flair for adult writing was sprouted by the vision known as this boy. I could write poems about his one toe and still have a gazillion words to say about the same toe. Perfect, so he was to my child self.
Usually, I am shy and withdrawn, but comes this one guy who made me go over my safe wall for him. I would leave my dining table just to go and say ‘hi’ to him in the middle of the dining hall…and did I mention he was the dining prefect? With his building broad shoulders and intimidating height he was perfect for this role…and also his commanding voice! Dayummmmmm!
Although ‘he’ okay, let’s refer to him as Femi….hope that is okay. Continue..
Although Femi was respected and feared amongst juniors including my mate because of his stern reputation I was lucky enough to not be, atall…instead I was enamored! It would also be fair if I now mention that he was sweet on me…get it? No? Okay, that means he favorited me amongst all my peers.
That you may say, contributed to the attraction I had on Senior Femi….

So, this situation with us continued for some long weeks, until I heard the song ‘ I believe I can fly’ by Westlife, I hope I am right … This song! This darn song made me so confident and a little stupid. Of coz, now I know the song writer didn’t go about advising a young naive girl to go about knocking on the doors of awkwardness…nah! I don’t think that was their intention.
But anyways…..that song gave me mad wings to approach senior Femi.

I had made my best friend iron the compound wear I was going to wear to my courageous meeting and putting on some mild sweet powder, some shining lip gloss, I took my first step outside my room… But

Fate has something else, a junior student ran up to me and whispered in that low voice that hints she understood the romance behind the errand, ‘Snr Femi said you should meet him at this place right now…and come alone!’

What?!!!!!!! That was everythaaaang! How did he know I was planning on seeing him? Everything was perfect for me…the butterflies in my tummy were so dizzy from too much summersaulting!

I raced down to the class….yes, I was pretty much athletic before my current ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend back in secondary school broke my left leg…and no, I did not date her ex boyfriend to get back at her…that would be petty, wouldn’t it? Let’s move on…
I got to the class with huge gulps of breath and immeditaely I saw him my heart raced, this time not from the running, but from the sight of this, this, this. Ahhhhhhhhhh! This perfect sweet Snr Femi .
On seeing me, he stood up and did all the things that weakens know, the dimple smiling, the flirting..okay, well maybe saying ‘My baby is looking sweet’ can be innocently translated to not being flirty.
He hugged me and half carried me in those long, strong, safe……okay! He then made me sit on the desk while he sat on the chair of the same desk. Looking down on him, of cos you should know what I was expecting… And no, get your mind off the gutter! Not that! We were a bit more cultured in 2007. The thing was, the month was February and its some days already to valentine, so excuse me for assuming that was the best time to ask a girl out.
We spoke for some minutes about just random stuff and as usual, he asks me about my grades. Yes, guys of that year care about your academics too.
Then the moment came…. Started by telling me how I’m the best and also of my super power abilities of being amazing ☺️☺️…urghhhhhh!
‘You’re a angel, you know?’ He said, ‘my little perfect angel and because you’re my baby, I want you to do me a favor and make me the happiest guy’
What? By then, my whole soul, body and heart screamed ‘hell Yeah!!’ But my lips spread like it’s close to tearing.
He brings out a rose from his khaki uniform and push it to me, I collected it and held it close to my nose, my hands trembling and treating the rose like the most important thing ever.
He stood up and was right between my legs, his face was too close, okay that is not unusual but in this atmosphere, the air was electrifying so I remembered my flying song and moved to place a shy kiss on his perfect lips when he moved so fastly with huge rounds of laughter…rolling over and looking at me with tender eyes!
‘See this baby oo! So you also know what a kiss is Abi…….?’ He keeps laughing and saying jest full words like how I am getting matured and even said if he catches me with any boy in a dark corner, he would make sure he punishes us both as he now knows what his poor baby is learning already . I never smiled, never said a word because all my strength was put in holding my tears from falling.
Let’s just say, my senior Femi who yes, we often joke around and take extreme steps in mocking the other just had one over me. Aside from that, the rose wasn’t meant for me, neither were the sweet words, as all he wanted was for me to talk to my school mother, a classmate of his about him and to give her the rose.
That was awkward, and do you know how I dealt with ackward? I cried a bucket of tears and was even close to getting hospitalized and as Femi saw me day after, he assumed it was because I don’t eat healthily. He was so oblivious to the hurt he caused me….so, I took one more step by cutting all form of connections with him. It was hard and he was confused, but after some months, he graduated, left the school and my heart kinda healed…did I mention I never gave my school mothers his red rose or his words? Yes,I was devious!

Today, Let’s just say, Femi has hit me up more than a couple times on Facebook and I have had no inkling in replying his 19 unanswered, yet opened messages! Sorryyyy 😂😂😂

That is my red shade of ackward story…. You can tell me yours! Let’s see if you can take this Crown..


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