BAckBAck To School Hacks! Soo simple… #1

Okayyy!! I school in a private Nigerian school that has ‘special calenders’ and special everything!

Lets just say…I’m still home waiting to resume in October because some buildings are not completed and other reasons I really can’t say. Since I have lots of time in my hand and I need to think about making my stay in school less stressful (yes guyss, its totally possible to feel a percent less stressful in school) just by doing some hacks! DIY…this is no technical process, its so simple…and coming from a simple girl, that says a lot!!
So, Enough of the rumblings….lets get to it!

Turn your boring book to something beautiful! I turned my completely boring notebook for University to something I like and can look at when lectures get boring, and it gets so often!!

What you need:

  1. Boring notebook
  2. Cute pictures you can get from pinterest or tumblr or anywhere
  3. Printer to print the pictures/Collages out
  4. Gum
  5. Accessories of choice!

Just wrap your printed cute picture around your notebook, put some glue under and accessorise to your taste!

I really hope this helps…if not, you can contact me for more!!

Overviewof the front!

You should really try yours..


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