don’t fret it….

Here is what it is…. I look around and all I see is viciousness with teeth, monsters with cute hugs, friends with backstabbing knives and family members with hurtful tongues!

This is what Life is about! It wouldnt start to change at this point of time just because you are special, it wouldnt take a pause because you seem to have weak bones or you are too pretty to get dirty…. Life does NOT make exceptions!

It comes…plays you the victim….bitch around you in circle and just when you seem to understand its weakness, it becomes an evil twin.

But here is a bit of something you can do when life employs those around you to make you lesser than what you are……

  • Cry over it… be sad over it…do anything that signifies your humanity
  • get up and clean up your ass
  • understand that it had to hurt inorder to make you the wiser….think about what golds go through, diamonds and antiques! The pain and dirt reveals the magnificence within you
  • if you were never special….nothing would come towards you! And that, my friend! is the saddest pathetic thing Ive come to realize
  • wear your fighting shoes, hustling gloves and protective gear…..wear it all to the nines
  • Go out there and kick some real butt! cos you know what, only at the time of isolation do you understand the capacity of your strength, the valor you hold within!
  • Lastly….love until it hurts and kill them all with kindness!

Did I make any sense atall with this ramblings? I hope I did…cos the next piece coming up in hours is edited and very exciting…plus, you know I love you!


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