Saturdays and Sacrifices

One of the most important things in my life seem to be friends and their allocated positions in my life..but these days, its not all so. Not because I care less or I’ve grown some thick skin…

not that…

Some hours ago, one of my lovely friends said something that resonated through my being and that made me question if that really is the answer…

“You give as you take” that was what she implied friendship to be. some sort of deal that weighs in.

That was never what I had taken friendship to be, to me, it was sacred, beautiful and selfless. You dont expect too much but you give your very best. This was my understanding of what I had thought friendship to be until….

I started to get selfish..putting myself first and foremost! Above all and any.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Β  ****<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

But then I got caught in a dilemma of either putting my comfort first or being there for one of the most important ladies in my life, who I may say, has been there through day one and has no option to not be there through the end…

I’m talking about one of the only true persons I know really care about me for me…not for something else..

So, hell yeah! I chose to leave my project, my Saturday comfort, my quiet life and even broke laws to be there for her.. and you know what? The moment she smiled as she saw me…that was worth it to me! I made her happy, and it was enough.

You still thinking why I wrote this or trying to say????????????

Well, the thing is….do what makes you happy and what makes the people around you happy! Especially if that person is some loyal Friend…these days they ain’t everywhere love! And when you are not sure about who your friends are, let them o and allow your heart to find them!!

I LOFFFFFFFFFFFFFF you Guyss!!!!! Thanks for reading…..

#Below is a picture attached from the wedding with another friend! You can see the sacrifice in those eyes ;-)!!!


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