WHY we shouldn’t all be sane..

Sanity, as defined by the dictionary is the state of being sensible and reasonable.

but do you know? We do not have to be always that perfect to be sane? You dont have to be responsibly sensible and reasonable in order to be sane in the upright insane world.

Some might argue this and say sanity is monolistic…but nope! To my opinion its not. Be your own form of sane and let the world judge itself for itself…do not be involved in its shit loads of rubbish!

so, enough talk about sanity before I start to get insane, let me keep you up with what has been going on around me and my humans..

This girl I consider to be a ‘friend’, lets call her ‘Regina George’ because we share some sort of moments together; and you know how I catch feels with people, went behind me to say something fowl to someone else I consider to be like blood (My girl)….someone who’s battle I’ve fought with no reason, someone I’ve shielded with my shells…someone I actually do love. This is starting to get confusing, but in wraps…Regina George told ‘my girl’ something bad about me, but my girl never thought to tell me, instead she told someone I’m considering to be the realest rightnow…and Miss realest had to tell me because she’s apparently ‘real’.

And you know what? Although I got angry because I consider Miss Regina George’s little comment to be completely disgusting, childish and demoralising to my being…and my girl never told me a thing about it and so onnnnn…blaah blaahh blahhh!!

Then I got terrifyingly chilled and calm…for they do not matter! None of it really does…there are bound to be horrible people around us, there must be, but you are on an automated factor of getting way above everything they say and everything they think to becoming what they had never comprehended! How natural is that…..

Don’t think about them…dont even think of settling anything…this does not worth a second of your time. Why? Because, they are the regina george’s in our society.

My note is this, bully is not cool…but eventually it dies. Then something else comes in place of it..something nasty and weak. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesnt….and even when it places a mark on a disloyal friend…I swear, It shouldn’t matter!

Focus on who you are…who you want to be and on the people around you who are completely true and loyal.

Are we done talking about this? Hell yeah….should we move on….yeah yeah!

It is a beautiful day…be your own beauty!

Loffffffffffff you darmmmmmmmmm much!

hearts in ink

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