Tears on the bathroom floor…

ohh yess!! I have been a bit AWOL these days….reasons enclosed! But here is a bit of something, because I absolutely love you guys.

I woke up today filled with positive thoughts for Monday, cos we all know how Monday loves to *Bitch around….  I had a good breakfast, said some deep prayers to my God, even had to greet every damned person “goodmorning” and then finally I walked out my door with my head high!

First few hours went by GREAT! had some money and blessings from people I had helped a bit then shit hits the fan…

A friend kept me waiting for 20minutes straight….yeah, I have no patience, atall!

A lecturer stepped on my foot and really really made me angry

Then another did what he was great at doing….just that it was on the wrong day

All these made me feel terrible and emotionally hurt which resulted in me tear-bathing ( We’ll come back to that) for ten minutes, imposed sleep and blank thoughts.

*Tear-bathing refers to when you cry while bathing..so, the tears get washed down by the water you use.

The gag is….once in a while, you are definitely going to need to release the pent-up emotions that have coiled up unconsciously in you. It’s like..maybe on  normal day I wasnt going to be really affected by the situations enough to break me down, but the fact that some things were welled in me caused the leakage.

So, hell-yeah…it is okay to have a bad day like mine, but remind yourself in each second that it is meant to make you stronger and better, its like a test to escort you home.

Darling, since you’re reading this….it means your on my squad of becoming a better version of yourself. It’s getting late, so let me go to sleep because less sleep more stress. I LOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF UUUU!!!