Put something on…


Good morning!! Woke up *tots happy this morning because I received notifications on some lovely new followers and likes from the last post. You guys!!!!

You are making my whole week less exasperating….I adore you so much, so much, so much! Okay, I’m getting emotional now….lets move ahead.

The day is getting started and some of you already have their day kicked up already…but I’m sitting butt-naked on my bed writing this before I go out and start my own day of reading and napping!

When you start your day..clear your mind off every negativity or hurts from last night. Start your day with some cup of positiveness because that would go a long way of bringing joy to your long day.

The secret about positiveness is that it’s like a rain coat that protects you from the bounds of negativity, disappointment, sadness and heartbreak. It glares you away from the scorching sun of bad judgements and bad people…so, Put some positive pants on!!!! Protect yourself and break some leg! Why?? Because you are born a kickass!

Have a lovely day, People…..bless your day!


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