Cut it…..and slay it!


sometimes…we delight in every mistake we make. How we enjoy the fuckedup-ness in our lives just so we can identify with the whole other ‘normal people’.

First of all, let me ask thee this question? Why are we all so scared of becoming the greatest? Why is it that every time something remarkable is about to happen to you then you chicken out?

It’s not normal for you to be like Kim Kardashian, nor Taylor Swift, not even Queen Bey herself! It is not…it will not be, and it will never become normal for you to not be yourself but some filtered being who doesn’t know you or have actually worn your shoes for some minutes in their lives!

Let me tell you what I’m becoming….Simply the greatest. And to that term it means more than it actually means. It means happiness too….fulfillment and success. Greatness is what we all are meant to be, but the more you limit your chances by nibbling off your personality in order to be someone else, you start to lose your greatness. That Is The Gag!

And telling you this, I have reached a point in my life where nothing and absolutely no one can deem the person I am meant to be….

  • Cut off the negative attitudes in you…mine was “procrastination”, “Extravagance” “anger”, and “extreme fun-magnet”
  • Take a step away from situations and people that cause you too much….I had to shut myself off from people I cared too much about but dont respect it.
  • Reduce your friends….Well, I had to learn that the hard way. But today, I can proudly say I have few friends but they loyal af!
  • Do not Retaliate…We’ve said this before. Do not waste your time trying to settle some issue with someone you thought was a friend…just walk away!
  • Love your family….I learn that, dont force people into becoming your family. Stay and enjoy your real family.
  • When you hear something about you….smile and do something that can shock them more.
  • Have we spoken about happiness?? It is the most important!

I assure you guys that I’ve done all these things. And although I use to be more open, vulnerable and had countless of friends and “friends”, Today, I can proudly say that I am healthier, happier and my life is so much more on the right part. Don’t force someone to be with you or care about you…if it’s meant to be, It will be!

Loffffffffffffffffff Yewwwwwwwwwww Guyzzzzzzzzzzz!!

Get out there and be independently slaying!!!!




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