Broken for LOVE…. #FridayWriteups



I’ve been in an aggressive relationship for way too long

Where he hits and abuses me

But still, like a metal to a magnetic force I keep going back

Until he totally broke me and my blood leaked to the door

Okay….. let me sidetrack this a bit!

I have been in a relationship where my opinions never matters, my choices were drained by loud voices, my Dreams usurped into that of another, deprived of the right to live or be heard.

I have been in a relationship where my emotion was a gym for his fitness, a sweaty punching bag he favorites, the weight lifts he picks and drops, a mat floor he can lay his filthy body on.

My relationship was a dance of bitterness, anger, control and power. And those bruises still scars my pale skin.

So yes!!! He might not have laid his hands on me, but the weight he places on my soul still wakes me up by night. The joints his shackles was once at still aches when I try to feel too much!

Red splurges….dark corners…pain

His Scars are left wide and open

I call it his scars even in his absence

For he owns it as long as I continue to refuse to claim it!


I have been in an abusive relationship

But now I am healing

Living every moment of my life trying to breath the air he suffocates me with

I am learning to crawl with patience

Walk in forgiveness

And when I’ve mastered my soul into being what it once was

I would run FOR love

My wings would get its strength by then for me to forget all that I was put through in order for me to be free forever!!

Then I would fly over and over and over For love. I might get dizzy, but the hero I deserve would protect me and take me higher.

I might be broken….but now I’ve spoken!!




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