My Confessions….

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? That no matter how many masks you put on or how many of yourself you break…you still cannot belong to something identifiable?

That is me most of the time….

Most of my life, I live life to my contentions. I do what I want, be with who I want and screw whosoever seem to stand in my way…you can say, people somewhat identified me as a labelled independent silly girl with some lowkey-bitchiness! But the truth remains that I am no longer happy about being something that is forced or someone that holds baggage toΒ  the world.

The truth is…I want to be some change to the world! and I’m not talking about the glamorous part of the change, I mean the change that really matters.

So yes, I am evolving…growing…changing and becoming what I am meant to become. No one can ever stop this…they can’t even try!

It is a process! And it might hurt real bad…people might even leave. But if they do, they were never meant to experience your growth.

BE YOU!!!!


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