My Monday was a day off…


Oh hi there…! Am I the only one who dreads monday? I know I’m not alone here..

Its like the monster of all days where you have to wakeup from a relaxing weekend and put on some formal clothes to start a formal day. It’s just not my favorite day ever! But this last monday got me some goodies…because the Nigeria government (God bless their hearts) put up a public holiday.

Okay, hollup! You know that least interested person in putting on pounds of makeup and glitz on their faces amongst your peers?? Well…I kinda take that title pretty often,which leads to the demerit of my perfection in makeup skills! Lets just say I don’t bask in my knowledge of contouring to fleeks and highlighting the right places…until yesterday (Monday, 12th Dec) when this pretty friend of mine allowed me to seriously play with her face and try my skills for the first time ever with a full contouring!

The joy I felt at that moment is not to be comprehended… and that leads me to what I’m gonna say today;

Try something new and give yourself a chance outside your comfort zone! I know it might be difficult and a bit awkward, but the immense emotions you get from that experience makes you a better person…that even if you choose a wrong brush or you smudge the mascara, you still come out better than if you were sitting and just watching!

Take risks and Experience things…that is what living is for!Β  Stop limiting yourself to what makes you comfortable and give those things you ‘think’ are not for you a chance…they might surprise you. You can do whatever and become whatever…if only you get off your ass!

Helluva guys!! I can now say it again…Christmas is early for me and I have gained some serious contouring skills into my arsenal! That makeup (in the pic above) is something I am proud of…so, how was your monday? Would it suck if you had spent yours at a crampy office, stuck in a boring lectures or running some serious errands while I was just fleeking some brushes and choosing the right shade of pallette?? Well…uhmmm, I would be nice. You know I love you guys…

Here is to a beautiful tuesday ahead, I hope you do all you had planned and try to make atleast one person happy…the world is too bitter to not put a smile on someone’s face!

P.S Thanks for the new followers…I am cramped with your support and love! #humbled!


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