Family in Holidays..

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The Word family has come to take different terms and new ideologies into it through the ages. But the one thing that stays true and definite are the qualities of love, closeness, relatedness, and togetherness which is always embedded in its circumstances.

Your definition of a family can differ to what it is to mine. A close friend who has known you deeper and thoroughly might someday be considered family to you, the young girl who grew up in your home could become family without the blood connection….it takes all levels and overcrosses the need to be blood!

But it still comes to the traditional meaning of family being synonymous to blood connection..and as its said; Blood is thicker than wine (some people might want to debate this, but I aint got time for tha!) Shit happens, the world might flatten and you will still know your sister is your sister…your heart holds you close.


So it happens, that through a tough year of me being put on trial, rejected a couple of times and even loosing….I have finally come back home to where the warmness of the love they have for me melts the dark ice out there.

My family of present, 12 in number (more are still coming) and I had a detox for 3days where we stayed away from all form of technology distractions…such as the internet (which was kinda hard), phone, ipod, etc. With the exception of the Television because we watched some holiday movies all together!!

These couple of days of me shutting myself out from the ‘fakery’ ‘stereotyping’ ‘narcissism’ ‘betrayal’ ‘indirect bullying’ ‘unhealthy competitions’ in the society out there has made me a clearer and peaceful person than I was. I focused more on really being with my family than searching for ways on the web on how to be part of the kardashians family.

I guess what I’m saying is that; Family is pretty important! Life could drag you around with your privates outside, but then you have to come home to someone….

Who is that person you come home to this holiday??


My Christmas celebration had already begun….and I can’t tell you how good I’ve been feeling. It is a good year to let go.



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