Is this my last day? #2016


img_0526Wooooh! have you ever  stopped to marvel at how extremely awesome it is how moments come and go? Like, you never get to use a playback button or fastforward one on a moment. They come and they go…they are the *wayward fleeting heaven!

So, for heartie sake….live every moment like its your last.

Enough of that! It’s my (yours too) last day in 2016 and I cannot start to tell you how relieved and excited I am feeling now. I get to wash off the events of last year and move onto the next beginning for myself. And talking of washing off—-am I the only one who got enrolled in the bi*chy school of life? Like, this year was real tough for me personally and globally but I’ve come to accept that; there are just some situations and people you can not change,, you just learn to get through them to your destination.

So, instead of whining over what is unchangeable…lets be positive and be thankful for what 2016 had provided to us.

These are 10 Outstanding things I’m personally thankful for in 2016

1. My spiritual life got steadied and I can now proudly say I’m a Christian

2. For a successful academy year, mightve been stressful but it paid off real well

3. My Home…it’s been a warm place for me, my mom and my friends

4. For a healthy body with no illness or infection atall through the year, wheww!!

5. My family and friends who have been there for me in love with no judgements

6. For the cute fashion trends of chokers, kimono’s, off-shoulders, satin and the turning of   sleepwears to slip-ons

7. Finally got into makeup and loving it. I’m totally comfortable with my eyebrows being filled

8. Music….I can’t even start you guys! where do I even start from…

9. Clean diets with no animal flesh and no bad taste in boys

10. For this baby-blog and you guys. Everyday I come here, i try to pinch myself to wake up from a dream. This blog might be a little bit tender and small…. but I am very much thankful for it.

This year has taught me stuff, molded me out of a shielded cage and illuminated my true self. It is true said that, only through your darkest times would you find your light (i think it’s something like that, lol) and this light would guide you through.

If you dont get anything get this, 2016 is going in minutes…let go of anything that needs to be buried along the year and start it refreshed!

forgive those who have wronged you

situations that have hurt you and

yourself who you mostly blame…

forgive not for them…but for You.

I tell you FORGIVENESS is the first step to healing!!



Have a lovely year ahead and expect the great things coming….Do let me know what you are thinking, I will love that!





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