My Controversial new lifestyle….


 “I used to love getting lost in tasty suya (steaks), garnished fish, pork and chicken but completely despised vegetables, fruits or any kind of healthy stuff before I became a vegetarian. But eggs and milk?? They were my favorite things ever. My Grandma would always say,  ‘the yolk of an egg could heal sharon’ lol. But this year, I am letting them go… I am now involved in something higher and important VEGANISM. This is as much of a lifestyle to me, as humanity is to you”

This is my story and journey…

Some couple of years back, I had an encounter with the vegetarian lifestyle and it really changed my life in a good way. Curiosity, compassion, health and a high sense of environmental awareness are all of my strong traits which perfectly incorporated into the vegetarian checklist. But, you most vegetarians out there, it wasn’t all that easy and the cravings were monstrous..

This new lifestyle of mine wasn’t very acceptable in a traditional and christian home like mine. My family had thought I was just getting through a phase (which I dont blame them for cos I have plenty) and kept waiting for it to passover, but it didn’t. And I can remember my first holiday as a vegetarian where glances kept being thrown to see if I were going to indulge on any flesh, I didn’t! and that was when hell broke loose.

Trust me, I know my bible and enjoy being a christian! and when it comes to being a vegetarian, It was never like I was going against my faith. For I understood I had the power to kill and eat lower animals…I just chose to not do that. To me, it was like deciding to be single or married. It’s a choice not a sin! Its what works best for me…

Well, My traditional Grandma was the worst! She kept pushing and engaging me…but I never stopped in trying to make her understand what it really meant to me. Let’s just say, the years that have gone by might’ve soften her to me being a vegetarian..but I got a surprise for her this holiday….I am becoming Vegan!!!!! I don’t think she’s ready for that.

Please, Understand me… I have nothing against people who indulge in delicious animal flesh and products, I used to love doing that…but as we all have opinions and philosophies in do I in this subject. I do not push for this way of life, I just find it works best and suits my belief.

Why Vegan?

I have lived the vegetarian life for years now, it made me happier, compassionate with animals, healthier in body, and the fact that I save one animal a week made me feel positive. But recently, I got deeper into it and filling some blanks of why and how some things get done in our society, that didn’t make me happy. It’s Vegan to me because I find comfort in it and believe in it. Although, let it be known that I am a foodie…I believe in food and eat a lot, just in a vegan way.

How am I becoming Vegan?

Firstly, I researched a lot on veganism..then tried a couple of vegan meals through the festive seasons…indulged in the ‘junk-food vegan diet’ and I’m moving in a pace that works for me. I gave up on milk in a week, next was anything made with milk, then cake and so on…I just go gradually so my body can catch up with the diet. I hate to stress myself, guys. I’m still adjusting lots of whole grains and planning to go see a doctor on supplements.

What are the steps I take to deal with negative opinions?

Well, It is quite expected in the society I’m in…but I just try to explain it carefully to everyone. I might get frustrated and feisty against some, but I try the very best in answering questions. Some people can be quite insensitive and jerk’y but I just ignore them and stay true to myself. I never try to impose my belief on anyone.


Here is my note to you, what is it that you have within you? what are your beliefs? What can you proudly stand for? Do IT! start it now and go through with it….never be afraid of change or opinions!!

Be True, Be Beautiful and Stay you…..Love!!


“I might not be there yet, but I am slowly becoming the healthy, happy, and aware being I’m meant to be…..I am becoming Vegan!”


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