Updated Blog Schedule..

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First of all, I really want to say a huge thank you for the new follows and likes, guys!!!! You literally make my day everyday and I confess to stalking you guys all through, checking your blogs and leaving comments too…If I haven’t done that to your blog, well I’m getting there very soon because I completely love you and appreciate your support….

If you’ve been following, you would have noticed that I update almost daily (Which I do effortlessly and happily cos I love to blog)… Until recently where things are kinda going to change because of some changes in my life;

I would be resuming back to school by Monday

Since I’m in my final year, I have to finish up my B.A project/research

First semester’s examination is coming up soon and my whole notes have been stolen ( An epic story for another day)

Registered for three online courses starting on the 9th….

and so on..blaah blahh blaah!!

But since blogging is really my life these days, I would try my very best to update it regularly because; Life can never get in the way of things and people that make me happy!! So, bare with me through this change and I promise to bring super exciting and worthy posts to you….


New Schedule

Three (3) posts per week

One of which would be either a DIY or just tips that helps me through Life

but! I just might surprise you guys….and I love you! I love you! I Love you so muchhhh…. new followers, Thank you so so much!!

x.o.x.o Shazzles


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