My 2017 birthday πŸŽ‰


Birthdays are days meant to be celebrated with friends and loved ones. Not days you sit alone and cry about what you’ve lost and can’t get….

its a celebration of Life…and that Life is graciously yours.

But this year has been a clear one for me…I’ve cleaned off all negative and bad things around me, and in the process of knowing myself…I found My self brand new.

I used to care about how many of my friends on social media would care to send a good birthday message…or by how many followers I can get on that platform…or how many people really went out of their way to do something special for me…or how good my party would be, how many gifts I would get…who would be the first to wish me hbd…..which is totally vain!

But in that process of understanding myself in this world….I now understand the things that are important and those that don’t just matter….so, I decided to spend my birthday different, happier and quieter…plus, budgeting got in the way!

While I would love to have all my closest friends with me…I had just one true one who I can be myself with and be grateful for the day with…We started the day in some comfy nighties dancing to songs from the TV and snacking all through!


Then we got off to MagicLand/Wonderland where we got some body painting and adrenaline rides….guys!!! Officially…the WaterSplash ride is the best ride ever!! I can still feel the blood pumping through my veins and how my heart dropped at the shock of the splashing…..I love life!!!

After the ride and getting wet all over….I had to stop at my favorite superheroes to take a pic!

Then I picked my mom…her bestfriend and an uncle to go see a 7D scary 15mins clip. My friend Β screamed half through the minutes. Had some delicious popcorn, played some interesting and fun games for a long time….before we got out to get drinks.

I got a ginger drink with no preservatives or flavors! πŸ˜‹

We then got dropped at a restaurant for dinner and I had rice with plantains and salad while my friend got hers with roasted Fish..

At the time we were done and full…we stopped at Cupcake Haven’s to get some cupcakes for my friends I left at school, while we got some Ice cream for desert. And then stopped to get an earpiece for our phones before coming home to take a bath and indulge in our ice cream and a good Nigerian Movie “The Getaway”- amazing cast! Great Director! Ultimate story…

Its 10:51pm as I write this and trying to reply to all the birthday wishes I had through the day while my phones were turned off…and I feel worn out but tired and content!

it might not have been the loudest birthday with the ult party…but it was what I needed!

This was how I spent my 2017 birthday with no regrets and just my mom, aunt, uncle and closest friend. It was beautiful! And I would someday look back at this day and be grateful for it all. Thank you!!

x.o.x.o Shazzles







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