De-Stress before the Stress

Exams!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urghhhhhhhh….

If there ever was a hate association for examinations….I would be the president! I mean, I totally detest the whole idea of taking an exam to gauge your intelligence, hell no! I am never limited by the scores on my results nor does the success of my future depend on a piece of paper…..but still, I do still see the necessity of an examination in our society!

So, since we can’t do without the whole stress that comes with an exam…we can help reduce the level of it by don’t just one thing… D E – S T R E S S I N G!!

Destressing is the act of rejuvenating oneself beforehand…it is when you totally let yourself go of everything heavy and negative within and around you…just so you can be hale and hearty enough to take upon the storm coming towards you!

I don’t know how to stress upon the essentiality of this act…but I tell you it does wonders to the level of work you get done after that…and the perk is that you do it with someone you genuinely care about!

Here is my friend and I on our distressing day…Remember when I tell you this year is THE year? I mean, I threw all cautions out of the window and live my life with no barriers.

This day came up unplanned …and even though we had to go through a long process of getting a pass out of the school premises, It was worth it at the end!

We had fun…because Life is too short to darken it with frowns and sadness

We screamed and had deep breathes just because it felt so good to be alive

and with the fact that we are so comfortable with each other…there was no ion of presence or maliciousness! That is one thing you have to get, that even though friends can be worse at most times and backstab you in the wrong places….there is just some very few that you should appreciate and be grateful for, and when you have them…be your uttermost self with them.

Destressing was fun….a bit exhausting and loud. But I felt so alive and pumped up for the whole stressful preparations. I can sweat, bleed and even break….but I still can go through it all!

Dont forget….




x.o.x.o Shazzles!


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