I start My Exams Tomorrow :( but my Life is in a Mess

Normally I would be prepared by now and be on revision, but I’m not quite there yet!

My room is not in order, my wardrobe is a mess and my life is upside down….Can’t even stay long with my friends anymore, we hangout less these days.

But anyways, I’m sitting on my yellow chair trying to write a post at 6:10am with drowsy eyes just because I have been up Β since 3am ‘trying’ to read…but now I kinda give up…

I really just wanna sleep all through the exams and be awoken later on in 2weeks…

I dread the stress…tension…anxiety..and Even the eye bags that comes with it..

I just look forward for the REWARDING process where I pamper myself after every exams!!



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