Surviving college and being Hated

Well, hate is a strong word and I know I sound extreme but it seems to be th.

My examination has not being going on splendidly, instead, it’s kinda just rough and unsure…but what baffles me is the level of immaturity, hate and unhealthy competitions that have been going on around me.

I mean, some of my classmates are so relentless and beast’ish (not in a good way)! They feel like a party is going to be thrown where the positions of every individual is going to be called…and they probably want some presents.

πŸ˜‚…they so thirsty…and yes, If I sound angry, I am way past being angry. I’m petrified and disgusted by their behavior.
I just feel, success is wide enough to accommodate every and each of us. We don’t have to fight one another or bring someone else down to get up. That can never be success, rather cheating!

I don’t know why I’m writing this and if I’m going to post it, but it’s just vexing that humans still degrade the light within them… I have no problem with being hated, I’ve gotten used to that when it comes from spineless group of people that hate the fact that I prove them wrong. They can hate all they want, they’ve been doing that and it has not once affected my life… I’m way to happy to even nod to their existence.
But what I’m not use to is giving-up…
I’m not gonna give up neither would I fight against them…
Instead, I would go for bigger horizons and give them some inspirations for tomorrow!!!

Where I am today is not the peak of my life….wait and see how awesome I could be.
I never got to where I am today with hate…I got there with faith, works and perseverance!
I hope you learn it right,

I have survived college and hate at the same time, so can you. You just need to learn the practice of being yourself


3 thoughts on “Surviving college and being Hated

  1. Wow heartsinkink,
    Alot of emotion in this post!
    I’m sorry to hear that you were treated badly 😦 I have been too at school and when I look back at school, I remember the bad memories but I am so glad it is over!
    Be strong friend, there are plenty of tough people out there – it is hard to cope with how they treat you but patience will be your best friend.
    I hope the next chapter of your life is less compared to collage!
    All the best,
    Doni πŸ™‚

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