Bestfriends, friends and Strangers…..The Truth.




Friendships are cool…the best…the sweetest…warmest…loudest…True and sometimes when you lucky Purest!
But here is what we don’t know about friendships, or maybe don’t want to accept….
Friendships can hurt too…bleed…silenced..misunderstood and sometimes break!
But it will always remain what it is…Friendship!
I remember when I had my current No_1 bestfriend. I was in a foreign environment that rattled me a bit, (secondary school). I do remember having some very close twins who were perfect for me, they were pretty, smart, caring and of course disciplined.
But at 10years old with my frail soul trying to find meaning in a confusing world…I childishly walked away from them, and yes, sometimes these days, I do regret it and pretty sure of where my life would be if I had a different set of close friends…but it’s not destiny! It was perfect but not mine.

It was in my second year when I started being nice to one of the girls I was kinda scared of..haha, I started taking up challenges at a young age, you see πŸ˜‰.
She was like the boss of all girls and she only moved around with the most influential girls in my set…even the seniors knew her!
But I took it upon myself to be courageous enough to be nice to her…then she noticed me! We then became kinda-close and when I was thinking of walking away to find the next challenge; I got served with the sweetest letter I’ve gotten from a girl, asking me to be her bestfriend….and that? That became a lifetime agreement between us both!



What I’m trying to say here is this… Inorder to reap from tree of friendship, you have to understand the golden rule.
“You give as you take”!!
You don’t just expect someone to be there for you all day, care for you, fight for you without giving anything in return! I tell you, my friend….You are dooming that friendship.
It’s never a one way thing…just like relationships, one day, the going is gonna get tough and you won’t have the strength enough to fight for it at all.

So, whatever position you are in, balance it well. Walk away from someone who is always taking and not receiving, why? Because they don’t care about you a bit! (I’m sorry, but it’s blatantly true)….and if you are always receiving from someone you care about, well I just might’ve saved your a$$! Start learning on how to give into that friendship.

But if at all, you think you need a friend/bestfriend….look around you! There are no more rules about it, just pick up someone you like and click with…be nice with the person and let it all play out. You can even decide to be the first to give into the friendship, you just might teach your partner the way it’s done.

So you think you don’t deserve a bestfriend to be silly with? Well, you can opt for a close friend to be yourself with…or just a person to show love to…maybe even a stranger to smile with.

I tell you this…the world is too loud and exciting to live it alone!

Get yourself a deserving friend…and if you don’t get what you need, just like a pair of jeans…search for it till you find the best one made for you. Only then would you understand that one person can be the most beautiful flower in your garden of friendships.

Hey!!!! Don’t forget this…


Stay beautiful!!
Stay true!!!
Stay YOU!!

Love, Shazzles.





















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