Depression, Workouts, Blog update and New Adventure…

I think…I think I just might be getting into depression!

The signs are coming up too fast and it’s really sad that I cannot control it. For me, little situations put me in the spot of being vulnerable to depression…recently, isolation, financial strain and loneliness seem to be the cause of my state of depression.

I wouldn’t say I’m already depressed…but I can recognize the symptoms of feeling worthless, dejected, irritated and some hours ago..I teared Β up for no reason, then cried my eyes out.

But here is the thing about depression; when you recognize these signs it is best you find out what is triggering your situation and then you do something about that…and that is what I’m gonna do!

I had finished my exams some days back and instead of going home, I’m stuck in a half-empty school trying to submit a chapter of my project. This caused stress which triggered an illness and now I’m close to starving…cos my financials kinda sucks too. (I just teared up right now, shit!!!).

Enough with that, Sharon! Onto a more exciting news!!

I will be leaving for home by Monday/Tuesday (thank heavens!) and then I Β am going to start healing up my soul.

First thing I will do is to ofcouse Revamp up this blog…because it is like my little baby and second home (You guys don’t know how I really love and appreciate each and everyone of your likes and follows). You literally stabilize and make my life complete..Thank you!

Then I will get physically fit..cos you know, healthy body, healthy life.

and the most exciting event coming up!!! My Adventure begins this break…i mean, that is one of my plans for 2017…and it’s getting real! I AM TRAVELLING TO A NEW PLACE WITH ONE OF MY BESTFRIENDS…!!! That makes me so 😊 happy.

I would be documenting each and every thang I do, ofcos! I cannot live without including you in my experiences…

but before I leave you guys…if you find yourself in my state at any point of time, don’t be ashamed of your emotions. Depression is not something you shy away from, the best thing to do is to face it up and look for ways to tackle it down before it gets worse.

Understand you are loved, you love and you are still human.

Most importantly….hey!!

Stay Β Beautiful

Stay True

and stay YOU!


X.o.x.o ShazzleS!!


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