Being a WOMAN is the new beautiful….

IMG_1628I’m a woman! Flesh, blood and sweats…

Forget everything they told you about me

Let me tell you what I am and what I’m not!

They call me weak

But they don’t know I decided to be WEAK..

If weak to them means, being capable of love and showing emotions…then I chose to be weak

But I am strong in ways they don’t know how to

I nurture, love, protect and supervise

and when I fight….I make sure I bleed to show for it!



I am chosen and blessed to be a woman but get this right;

When I decide to be independent and without a man…my value still remains!

When my womb is late or at not its best to hold a child… value still doesn’t get limited!

When I go against the norm and make a change…..I am still Woman!

The distinction between a man and me is that,

I add value to man’s existence…..I bring extra to the table

So scoot over, for there would be no world without a woman’s touch!

And when you see me on the road the next time, make sure you take a bow for the queen….

I come in different shapes, looks, height, colors, but one thing is all common all round…..

The crown of my feminity….that same one that qualifies me Beautiful!

“Woman is the new beautiful….it always has been!”IMG_1627


Hey guys, happy international Women’s day…please, let’s give more love than usual to the women in our lives and if you’re a woman…I have a special something for you!

Stay you….

Stay True….

and forever Beautiful, you rock!!! Dear Woman….


x.o.x.o Shazzle


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