The green eyes! We all have in some ways fallen victim of it.

Secrets are just a couple of quiet truths you ‘think’ you have to hide away from the world inorder to protect yourself, and sometimes, it does work! But the truth is, ‘that truth would someday be revealed’ forget the much acclaimed belief that you can die with a secret…..except someone doesn’t look for it, it would be found…we are in a fast paced century of doing the impossible!

One of my hidden truth is that I can be way too jealous…let’s say, it’s a toxic habit I’m trying to break free from, because I know the fruits of jealousy and it ain’t romantic or sweet at all…

Jealousy is a complex emotion that can sprout from an uncertainty or insecurity of a position in the relationship….jealousy is fear, rage, doubts and green!

Most times, I’m not proud about it but I find myself being green at how my Parents treat other people other than me, how sometimes I scale down from the number position to a number 2 or 3….and in these times, contempt and self-pity are dominant emotions in me!

Other times, I could feel the green monster in me grow as the person I’m in a relationship with seem to share his attention with an opposite sex and no matter how I try to hide it, it gnarls at me and brings up little tiffs that cause an outburst or even a breakup sometimes….I’m not proud of this!

At times, it’s in the few friendships I have going. This little green monster has pushed me in ways that ended a lot of prospectful friendships, And I know it sounds ‘erghhhh’ but don’t you sometimes get jealous over the fact that one of your friends seem to pick other friends over you? Or cherish other interests? Or even seem to forget to include you into their plans/activities…..well, I do! Not really proud of it, but because I cherish most of my friendships, I don’t take this likely…and that causes me to just give up!

All the time….I get green eyed over the fact that creatures and creations enjoy something I yearned for. Like the birds, how they fly so freely. The Sky, how broad and complex it is. The sun, how bright it shines. Soldiers, how courageous and strong they fight for what they believe in. The Wind, it goes everywhere it wants to. Taylor Swift, she’s perfect. Beyoncรฉ, what can I say, she’s Bey.and so many others I can’t mention!

But the real deal is, sometimes, Jealousy can be a good thing that pushes you over your limit to get what you want…..but jealousy is a result of Ann unresolved feeling of being inadequate !!


Stay True

Stay You

and remain Beautiful!

x.o.x.o Shazzles