Video of the week…

Hey guys, A new segment is here where one video Is shared for the week. This one is from YouTuber ‘Joshua David Evans’

It’s a video of two siblings singing the song “True Colors” with so much true and genuine emotions that could cripple the strength of a witch, haha!
How I came about him it’s a story worth telling..

Well, through the YouTube channel of the amazing human being ‘Kurt Hugo Schneider” where he featured both Joshua and Madelyn to make the cover of ‘Say You Won’t Let go’… and that was it! The charm in his eyes and that hair thing? I was bought already! With that voice……dayummmm.

I immediately shared it with one of my closest friends….it was that beautiful!

But I had to go deeper. Let’s just say, he was stalked by me for some ‘creepy long’ time and I got to understand his story a little bit….just the filtered but real one. I know he got married to a fellow youtuber ‘Colleen’ who he knew for 8years, but then she divorced him against his wishes, And that kinda broke him…you could see it.

His story moved me and led me to this song…in his own words,

For me, this song isn’t about finding peace within myself. Sometimes Life isn’t going to be perfec. It may even break every part of you. Things won’t seem fair. At times you’ll want to scream from the rooftop hoping for justice. That being said, this song taught me to focus on the beauty that’s inside alone of us. So allow yourself to feel the pain and heal from it. People may let you down, they may even abandon you….or try to erase you. No matter what, never give up on love. There are those out there who won’t give up on it or you. Find your worth. Find your beauty.”- Joshua David Evans

That is why it’s the video of the week, and please, don’t tear up when he breaks down during the song……enjoy and let me know which is your favorite video so I can also watch!

Quick Note.

Im not picking sides on their story. I’m not throwing stones and saying who was right or wrong….this is just me appreciating a beautiful song.

In second thoughts, I am picking sides! His! I mean, every friendship, relationship and Β even the holy marriage are bound to have rough edges…but if you really wanna be in it, you fight for it! You fight with everything you got! Never giving up…What Colleen did was simply giving up…some may say it’s courage, I say it’s bullshit. Bye


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