My Social Media confession…


Social media is key these days.

We find ourselves in a century of rapid networking, trendy technology and sadly, a growing rate of Narcissism in its purest form !

Image result for social media shy

Quick question, how many physical humans have you shunned over the fact that you were either ‘communicating’ to an ‘unrealistic’ one on the net or just exploring the world in your palms? It’s crazy..

We know, Social media is awesome

Social media is necessary, essential, engaging, and fun

but Social media is TAking Over some things that should never be taken from humanity!

My confession is that, for a couple of years now, I have been running away from social media. Why you may ask, Because I have absolutely no idea on how to be myself in there….

Damn right I enjoy taking pictures and I sometimes pat myself on the shoulders on how many likes, follows, friends and Snapstreaks I’ve gained… and far too often, When the realization comes to me on how lost i’m becoming, I find myself deleting accounts and starting right over. It;s sickening, really. If only you think of the ‘high’ it gives you.

My problem with social media is on how your ideas, thoughts, memories and voice has to be filtered before being accepted….

How your OWN body has be photoshopped or retouched to give it a Standardized Social media attention….Ofcos, I am guilty of this

Maybe that is why I have this blog…where I can be myself and contain my streaks.

Interesting thing is, some people, most people I know have an amazing way of doing it all… It’s either they have a good head to take all the mental activity OR they are really good in just living in it. Whatever it is, they are damn blessed to not be affected by it all.

If by any chance you can balance it well, Xoxoxoxxoxo for you amazing socialite!


I am Socially fit in physical situations where both parties are vulnerable to the next action…where flaws prevails calculations and where the level of ‘unfiltering’ beats out surprise, laughter, pain// emotions that were not auto-corrected or contoured!

Social media awkwardness is what I feel when I go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Imo, Snapchat etc, these days….I tremendously enjoy the feed contents…but I don’t know how to be true to myself and also be engaged in it.

i am social media shy…..


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