Guest post #HL

I hate love
“just when you say it”

Garbage kinda smells better than those words coming out from your mouth

Or when you tell me “you’re the one, baby”
In that dumb voice of yours
Which I find really appalling half the time
And ridiculously entertaining the other

Your words …. pleasing to the heart
Cunning and stealthily delivered
Melting all reserve and intentions
Pushes me only to my knees for the creator

how many more victims would you devour?

Or that look in your eyes, so enchanting
Thinking I have no choice but to fall for YOU
Please….. give me some credit
I’m built better than that

For roots like mine takes an army from strenght to strenght to pull out

Your punchlines are so overused
It sounds like my darn alarm tune
Consistent and downright annoying

That arrogance you wear quite often has deluded you
Thinking I am but a play thing

But don’t you know…

I’m more of a player than you’ll ever be
I just don’t find interest in being clichΓ©

Silly craft is an easy trait

Loyalty on the other hand is possessed only by masters of intellect
Never found easily
So when next your dead af brain plots to decieve the countless you think are slow
Remember you are but a pawn borrowing from yesterday’s cruelty

You are NOT special
You are NOT clever
you are NOT orignal

Your fellow gangers have used all the tricks in the book
The same one you are using

And I know this might not even speak to you on any level at all
But I tried
Tried to make you better
But I guess you can’t salvage savage.

Writer is Hannah Luba, a final year student of English and Literary studies in Bingham University, Nigeria.

Remember to Be true, Be You and Stay Beautiful.

x.o.x.o Shazzles.


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