My Top 6 (Finished) TV series

It’s a bit complicated, I mean, don’t listen to what I say or anything because I sometimes do not agree with my judgements…BUT! These 6 TV series have impacted my life one way or another…ofcos I love other TV shows, I’m obsessive like that”

But I have every season of these series in CD and I know almost every darn scene, pathetic? Well, it keeps me fuzzy….and I relate to some of these characters, here are the top 6 series in no particular order


Image result for one tree hill heartbreaking scenesI started watching this at a very vulnerable point of my life where drama was the backbone of every relationship around me.

That is why I easily got glued to the friendship between, Peyton and Brooke, Hayley and Lucas etc.

Or the complicating love affairs that builds not just triangles but emotional roller coasters.

Love. Friendship. Heartbreak. Forgiveness. Family. Trust and Loyalty.

I promised I was going to still watch it with my husband when I turn 80, just to bring back the flips and struggles of youth.


Well, its Gossip Girl in upstate Newyork and downtown!!


Related imageFashion. Love. Lies. Betrayal, Friendship and Vengeance. Sign me up anyday, Serena and Blair.







I still write and read TM’sΒ  Fanfiction…so, fill itRelated image

Crime. Friendship. Truth. Mystery and Love.






Loosely based on Stephen Kings ‘Colorado’s Kid’. It’s pure supernatural, mystery and Love.Image result for haven


If you like bad ass women and sexy ass kicking. Sign up on this….

Related image


It’s family, magic, love, the supernatural and lots of sass from these sisters! Plus, did I add they kick asses?Related image

These are definitely not all my favorite finished TV series, but they are the ones I could quickly think of and have watched over and over and over gain.

Oh, I do have some pretty important ones like Glee and all….plus, there are more amazing Tv series recently that are really interesting to me. We would definitely have to update this some time from now.

Is any of your favorite here, Or do I just have weird sick taste?

Be true,

Be You,

Stay Beautiful and watch your darn favorite TV shows.

X.o.x.o Shazzles.


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