5 Tips on How to Balance FAITH and Relationship

Dating can be exhausting. Sometimes when you meet someone its like you lost control, you want to please them by giving them all , you often times debated on compromising your own ideals just to keep them with you

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But for what, really?

We hear of the saying that what belongs to you will always find its way back to you, but like everything else in this world….. we are  asking for its scientific proof

Let me just get it out the way right now…I am a practicing and strong believer in the Lord Jesus, which makes me a Christian. And how damn proud am I of this.

The truth is, when you don’t have a foundation you can hold onto. A faith that can keep you sane and a higher power to aid you….you get lost.

Sadly but true….relationships would come and go. They would break your heart and give an incredible reason for moving on. They will objectify you. Drain you. Lie to you. Wreck you and move to the next Bae…but, that’s just them being ‘human’…as they will say, It’s not you….its them. EXCUSES!!

And until the right one comes, yes, there is a right one, there is a rightone for everybody. But because we are so lost, everyone, we tend to find a bit of that one person in an array of the wrong ones. Still, some people are really lucky to find ‘the one’ before being wronged.

Is there really ‘the one’?? YES. It’s not a myth…it is ordained and given that God would never want you to spend your life alone. So be patient, hold on tight and focus on being the best version of who you’re meant to be.

But if you’re like me and you find yourself hitched in a relationship…here are some tips to balance your relationship with your religion…

  1. First of all, you have to find someone who shares the same belief with you…and if you think you can change a pagan, then fine…give it a try…but when it seems difficult, Let that person go (Sorry, you still not Jesus) cos if you hold on to that person….their own views would start rubbing off on you
  2. Then makesure you bring God randomly into the relationship….make him a part of your relationship and your partner would know there is a stronger force in the relationship
  3. Once in a while, share little bible passages with your partner and invite them along to prayer meetings
  4. Try to keep the romance fresh, be kind, loving, gentle, true, loyal and groom happiness
  5. Communicate your feelings and explain to them your reasons and choices. Against human belief that your fellow man can understand everything, keep in mind to talk and appreciate your partner.

Whatever your religion and belief is, you have to find a balance with your relationship…if not? Something would be compromised in the long run, and that may be your own Faith. Nothing wrong can remain True.

Don’t forget to Stay You, Stay True and be Beautiful.

Hope you look nice today.

X.o.X.o Shazzles.


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