40 Reasons “Why Do You Write?” Challenge

WhyDO-YOU-WRITE-650I came across this challenge by Bryan Hutchinson on one of my most favorite writing Website “Positive Writer”. 40 reasons?? hmm..lets see if I can downsize my reasons for writing……

Here I go!

  1. I write because its my most creative outlet
  2. I write to escape into my own world
  3. I write to feel beautiful
  4. It really makes me happy
  5. I write to leave a part of me into paper
  6. I write to be immortal
  7. I write to die over and over again
  8. I write to communicate with people
  9. I write to pretend
  10. I write to make people cry
  11. I write to make others happy
  12. I write because I can
  13. Because I have a voice that keeps talking to me in my head
  14. I write to inspire
  15. I write out my fears
  16. I write for change
  17. I write because its the coolest thing to me
  18. I write because I love to read
  19. I write to feel powerful
  20. I write because its the most audacious thing to do, duhhh!!
  21. I write to remember
  22. I write to tell my experience
  23. I write because its cool
  24. I write to manipulate
  25. I write to be a god
  26. I write to feel sexy
  27. Because it’s the most powerful thing to do
  28. I write to not be judged
  29. I write to get out of being bullied
  30. I write to get in touch with the invisible
  31. I write to run faster than my physical body, writing is my sport
  32. I write because I’m lonely
  33. I write for my passions
  34. Writing intrigues me and get me high
  35. I write because I could lie without it being technically a lie
  36. I write for my dreams and aspirations
  37. Because I’m weird
  38. It’s a TALENT
  39. Because I could create anything
  40. I write because words are much nicer to me than humans.

Those are my own reasons for writing, and I do know we all have different things that are just part of us…writing is mine. what’s yours?

You can check up the original post here http://positivewriter.com/reasons-why-write-challenge/

Have an amazing day, Stay you, Stay True and be Beautiful!

I hope you look nice today….. 🙂 See you on the next post!


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