Does the Size Really Matter?

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I enjoy mornings over nights. And while some might chose night over mornings because the get to just turn-off and rest, I enjoy the art of  waking up and starting afresh. It’s a New Day.

We call it preferences…. searching for what works for you and setting it as a priority.

Back to the question, Does Size really matters in your relationship?

Uhmm, I would say YES

and NO….hear me out!

The thing is, lots of guys these day have a sense of wanting and wishing. They are virtually attracted to bigger/fuller assets (Some, ofcos). They want this and wish they had a girl with this, something to hold on to, something sleek and flexible….blaah blahh and blahh.

                  Who can blame them, afterall they are creatures of sight.

I mean, why are  Kardashians so famous to the masculine mind?


Flipping the switch, Size is also not absent in the girl-dom …. Girls care about it too.

I have witnessed these conversations, embarrassingly too much. Why you may ask? I don’t really have the answer, girlfriends just do….it does turn to bragging sometimes

At the end of the day, size does matter…it’s that thing that makes guys feel ‘they got it’ and girls actually dig that. And there’s actually a theory out there that says, a larger tool has more chances of getting a girl pregnant (If I could blush, I’m shades rightnow, lol)


Coming down to it (no pun intended) the best thing that really matters are the tricks. I mean, what could be accomplished with something not understood? droplets of embarrassments (No pun, pls)…. i guess

⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Your size with no tricks simply is an attempt to scratch an itch⇒⇒⇒⇒

But the truth is that all these…..depends on the kinda person you are and who you’re involved with. If there are preferences deal with it and accept you can’t force a person out of their comfort zone to suit your wants…it eventually fades

….. never compromise your morals just to please a specification. Understand that if they don’t like it? They shouldn’t have to keep it!!!

Thing is,

Social media seem to be the  major issue here… how we’ve allowed it control our thinking, define perfection, make decisions for us and control our thoughts is terrifying…. Why should our creation begin to create us?

Telling us what to like and look like is not right!

We fail to remember that most of these images and ‘goals’ we see are photoshopped….and you can’t just airbrush reality!

 IN ALL TRUTH, It all really goes back to the ‘spark’ and attraction… that some might call love

But eventually you find your own person….and unfortunately the size is not as fantasized, understand this…It was just a fantasy…and no fantasy can hold you down for the long run. FOREVER is kinda a long time to stay in shape

so instead, find those things that got you here in the first place, remember the feelings and work the best with what you got.

Does size really matters?

Well, if it does to you…then it does. You matter! and that’s the most important thing. YOU!


Remember to look nice today,

x.o.x.o LOVE



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