#5 Simple and Easy Steps I Create Spoken Word Pieces


This is an unfiltered behind the scenes reality  of how my spoken word pieces are created. The ritual is quite simple, easy, relatable and eeerghhh …

See the closed note laying there? that is where all my posting ideas are written down and their schedules….both for the blog and spoken words

So, I have this idea in my head and it just lays there for some time….my mind plays with it and I start to pretend to actually fit myself into the storyline. Putting up situations and fabricating characters….

then I get to just record whatever comes to my mind into any recording devices

  1. After a bunch of gathering jibberish and being too lazy….The due date comes and I have to sit down to just turn my thoughts into a written piece
  2. I edit this written piece…. over and over again
  3. Give to a second eye and opinion…then I start recording
  4. Most of the times I record just twice, but other times I’m just a clutz that does it close to 6-7 times, I’m not kidding!
  5. Using different tones…listening to my own voice and switching it up

And I never forget the background sound…but is it weird that I use one for all my pieces…or like most of them?


If by anyway you are thinking to start ANYTHING…start it at that moment cos there’ll never be a right moment!

and if by any chance it’s SPOKEN WORD…then great! I genuinely enjoy the whole process and its an icing to the cake when people contact you back and tell you that you got the right emotions of how they were feeling at a particular time.

These moments are the BEST!

Loves, Don’t forget to Stay you…Stay True….Stay Beautiful

I hope you look nice today!……. and goodluck.



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