I Think I’m In Love…..with BLOGGING!

I’m not even kidding guys, but I’m tots in Love!

Everytime I get down with my laptop to get some work done, like my B.A project (where I keep getting stuck) or check in my emails….I find my self anxiously doing whatever it is in haste, just so I can open up the blogsphere and see what’s going on.

Literally like rightnow, I have my research minimized while I’m uploading this.

Or what about during the day’s activities or even those little moments you have to yourself? I just think about the Blogsphere…Like, what are my favorite bloggers uploading, what content should I work on…it goes on and on!

It never just shuts down.

But you know how I know I’m in love? Because I get happier when it comes to my mind…I’m at my happiest when sharing a post and feel the most alive when a post hits me right in the face.

You see…. I AM IN LOVE.

I hope everyone reading this would have a little smile on as they think about that little thing, no matter how irrelevant others think it, means to them. We all are in love, somehow and someway…..Grasp that!

Stay You, Stay Beautiful and Be True.

You look nice today…..

X.O.X.O Love


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