I Found ‘Keep the Change Bae” and he has NO regrets


After being aware of the trend “KeeptheChangeBae”, I had to delve into the story, and damnn was I mad? I was upset that my femininity was belittled by a cash of #3800…just because I rejected an advancement from a guy.

Yes, I’m an active Feminist, but before I’m Feminist….I am Human. I’ve made terrible mistakes and have said things I don’t mean…this was why I decided to hear his side of the story, and after the first DM, he replied immediately. Since then, a couple of more DM’s, and Phone conversations….. I bring you this

Most of you know him as just “Keep the Change Bae” but I got to know him as “Ayodeji”, a 200lvl student of computer Engineering, Lautech, ogbomoso a school not so far from where I did my secondary school. He loves Cars, tweeting and of cos…..this,IMG_1830

“Keep the Change Bae” is surprisingly not the devil himself as y’all thought he was; I didn’t meet him physically but I’m sure he has no claws, fangs or horns….Is he the worst person on earth, NO. Is he the first guy to wrongly refer to a lady as a ‘bitch’ hell no! (that is not right atall)… He sounds like the normal guy next door to me, whose ‘hurt’ led him down the ditch. I’ll say his similarity with POTUS is that he tweets on an impulse of reaction with very little sense of the effects and aftermath of the situation.

But is he sorry about the results? Let’s findout….

I sat down and we had a really nice conversation where we discussed the happenings and he gave me quite some laughs with his interesting answers.

His side of the story

She and I met about three weeks ago on twitter and after the conversations kicked on, we both decided to go on a first date together, which I will say went well as we both enjoyed ourselves. She looked happy, laughed a lot and showed no sign of being uncomfortable.

I thought it was a signal that atleast there was something.

So after the first date, we then both decided to go on a second date and that was when I officially asked her out… check out the full story here https://pabloayodeji.nircle.com/cdr/post/1131-the-complete-story-of-how-i-met-ore-the-whole-truth

Has the whole situation affected your personal life, emotionally or physically?

When this whole thing started, it caught me during my Examinations and that was a bit too heavy for me. So I kinda lost concentration for a bit and I had to speak to some people about it all.

I even had some unanimous callers who call to just check up on me, and I really appreciated that because it helped me a lot. Just talking and asking for advises and opinions helped me in going through it all

Have you been attacked in anyway because of this?

Ofcos I was. The thing is, I never expected the whole thing to become a big deal…I acted out of rejection…which I regret. But immediately it got viral…I had people attacking me from all angles. No one cared to know if I’m sorry or cared to know how I’m feeling…so it was really hard. I had to block people out and put my social media accounts on private for some couple of days.

A lot of people were curious on how you guy’s had eachother’s bank detail

Yes, it was way back when we first started talking and I playfully told her I was hungry, she asked me what I wanted and I said chicken, so I send her the details just as a joke. I never presumed something like this would happen. And I got hers after the transfer she made

How did that make you feel? The Transfer

I was shocked and a bit rattled to the fact that she could detail everything and just put it down that way. WOW! I didn’t expect that to go on.

Since this whole thing started, would you say you regretted anything? Would you take it all back?

No. I wouldn’t. As I said in my write-up about the experience, I consider this as a ‘silver-lining’ to my life and so does ‘Ore’. I remember calling her and stroking her about her being ‘famous’ and she laughed saying, “Yeah, yeah…..I’m a Celebrity, all thanks to you”

She’s a good photographer and I’ve suggested to model for her, which she jokingly said “ I should contact her manager” I know it’s a joke, but it’s not impossible the way it’s going for us.

I’ll say everything is to “OUR FAVOR”

So You guys are friends and she’s accepted your apology?

Completely, we’ve even decided to meet up at Giddy Festival which is coming up soon. I spoke to her like three hours ago. We’re good!

How would you describe Her

An Amazing person… and that’s the truth

Is there anything you’ll want People to know?  Something to correct?


A lot of people took to social media to say I’m broke and that was the most hurtful thing that got to me. I’m not saying ‘she’ is broke, because she’s not. But I’m definitely not broke as assumed. I will like people to know that.

How Famous Have You Gotten?

I just got to realize rightnow…that I have over 3million impressions in just a couple of days!!! It’s crazy….

On social media, although I’ve rejected and blocked some people…I have moved from 1000-4000 followers on just twitter, which is really good.

I’ve gotten Brands lining up to work with me but we’re still browsing through ideas, I get gifts and cash prizes from different sources.

So life is good rightnow?


Would you tell me atleast one brand that wants to endorse you?

No, not yet. I want it to be a surprise.

Your Message to all girls out there

I am sorry to every girl that has been in anyway offended by this. I have accepted my mistakes, I would not repeat this again and I wish many of you are as strong and independent as my friend “ORE”

  • NOTE

This to me was a journey I had to go through as I was shocked and curious to what was going on in the mind of people like “Ayo”. And after this, I don’t think I have more questions anymore…. Is he sorry, would he do this to another lady…

I don’t know, but here’s one thing I know, He really Fucked up, he admitted to it, He apologized and Now he’s making good use of the fame (as it’s said, Bad Publicity is Good Publicity). Can we move on?

No? Okay, while you’re stuck on his mistake…I’m moving on to the next post idea.

And to all the girls out there…your femininity should never be disrespected, it should be taken care of, loved, honoured and fiercely admired!

But then….

Never Forget to Stay True, Stay You and You’re Beautiful!

I hope you look nice today…..xoxo!

Contact him here, INSTAGRAM @PabloAyo and TWITTER @Pabloayodeji


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