Dealing with Disappointments; No one owes you a Thing!!

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Just a couple of days ago I wrote something about being disappointed,  one of the lowest of all lows for me!

iT’S  an Intense feeling.

To be heavily dropped by the last person you could think of

Disappointment kinda sucks! Real bad….

But here’s the truth that did pull me away from the dark pit of being disappointment and threw me to the light of freedom.

Your value doesn’t come from other people

That is the TRUTH. You are a masterpiece created by a higher power to do great things! No, you’re not some human soaking in your essence from mere beings and your value would never be determined by them.

So, quit waiting for people to approve you and start approving yourself

Because people would never be perfect, they’ll go up and downs…and when you depend on THAT you never become whole

The Right Attitude

what was the right attitude that was close to being the hardest mental task for me?

Realizing that I have to accept the fact that no one owes me anything!

It was really hard because I look at everyone around me and I allocate important duties for them to carry in my life, and when they dont get the job done…..I’m left in pieces…incomplete.

But the truth is that, Some people don’t give you what you want simply because they dont have it to give to you

It is as simple as it is. No one gives a whole 100, but you find someone that gives you a lot more than anyone could give you, and when you do that….the lacking percentage would be replaced by both your strengths and experiences.

Thing is,

You gotta learn how to let people off the hook

Quit trying to make them give you what they don’t own

You don’t need to burden the people around you by making them responsible for your own happiness…that’s putting too much pressure on them

Learn to not depend on people’s opinions, ideas, compliments etc

What they say or do not say, Can never override God’s wonderful plans for you

That person that walked away….

That glass that broke….

The job/opportunity lost…

You don’t need them to complete you….They cannot lessen your SELFWORTH


So, whatever disappointment you in now…just understand that the person who did this to you is not at fault….they just were empowered by your own demands

and until you come to this realization where you are happily appreciative of the people and situations around you, instead of feeling entitled

ONLY then….would you be freed from the clutch of disappointments and live a healthy and beautiful life.

YOU ONLY OWE YOURSELF……give it the best!

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Never forget to Stay you, TRue and remain Beautiful!

I hope you look nice today…..




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