Some Sick Joke!!

Life is totally crazy, right?

I mean, it’s either that or Life is just trying to make me go crazy.

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okay…lets back up

So, I had an amazing day hanging out with one of my bestfriends and had the whole evening just being goofy with my MAN *wink *wink

Got home with huge smiles and a content heart. Sat on my computer to start writing a post on how to just get over that disappointment and have a wonderful life…..went to bed late


Then morning came banging on my mood….Woke up with a nasty taste in my mouth and a foul mood

Realised that an electronic I wasted time and money on was still at fault

My Ipad’s screen got cracked, again! (fault might be on my bad sleeping position)

The fan I was supposed to take to school got broken (Still dont know how)

The DIY duvet piece I was working on got messed up (dont know where to start from)


and just when I thought things wouldnt get worse, I had a bad-eyebrows day! (that was an indicator to how bad things got)

not to sound bratty…i even broke a nail!

Today was lit a BAD bad day!

But, I’m still here writing a post into the wee-hours of the morning of the next day…how did I survive you might ask? (I gotta make a comprehensive post on that, because I just lOVE you guys too much)

The major random things I did were;

I had a chilled glass of my favorite drink, that even while I was seething in rage, it just calmed the heat!

Had a complete lunch…food makes me happy

then I just closed my eyes to sweet melodies..while I get transported to dreamland!

When I woke up, it was my ‘refreshed’ game on the spot….It allowed me to take control and just think of solutions that could solve my problems.

Now…I’m currently hyped for the new different ideas I have in my head. Can’t wait!

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Hope your sunday was a better one than mine, guys?

and I hope you also looked nice!

x.o.x.o I just LOVE you!


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