Are you happy with yourself?

Had a discussion with one of my closest girlfriends about giving too much out and not receiving that much from the people around you…wait….

Have you ever stopped to just think about how many of yourself you strain out just to make other people happy?

Or how little you get from the people you give? ( I know it’s a bit wrong to expect something back, but we all deserve something though!)

Sometimes we are stuck with the wrong people for us, we think in our minds that they are all we deserve..but, we are all wrong. There shouldn’t be anything less for us.

We shouldn’t have to settle for the wrong set of friends..

We shouldn’t have to have a ‘struggling’ love life

A poor state of mind or anything like that


Because at the end of the day…not getting what you deserve delimits you

and if you’re not happy with yourself…no one can do the job for you!

Be You…be True and Stay Beautiful!!!!!




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