“You’re not Beautiful” – My Experience with Body Shaming

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“Just because she is beautiful doesn’t mean you’re not!”

That quote above was what LIT changed my status quo in the body-image game!


As a child I never knew what it was (thank God!). I just heard statements like “You need to learn how to sit up straight” “you need to walk like a lady” “you need to discipline your eating habits” comments comments and comments!!

That was all they were then. I just thought okay, no big deal…I just need to do those things I guess.

But then I grew up and came face to face with BODY-IMAGE ISSUES.

I was (yes, in the past tense) struggling with the way I looked, always thinking why I could never be enough and wondered if I ever would just look like a normal random girl… Hating the Person that looked back at me from the mirror

You’re ugly, I often tell her…displaced fats and crooked bones

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I quickly spiraled into depression and self-esteem. Questioning everything that made me ME. It became so bad that even my mother makes jokes about how my body looked like.

Friends around me talked behind my back, ofcos…. I became the family’s funny symbol at holidays and even when in a relationship, I questioned what I really deserved.

So…slowly, you start be BE their own version of beautiful. You hate everything that makes you You and look for different ways to be them.

Skip meals….Eat air….Punish your stomach

Beauty is Pain!!

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but then…it never stops. Because as you slowly give away to nothing…you still don’t feel perfect yet.

Always looking for the next version of Beauty to copy.


Our own Society has body shamed us to the extent that we can never be okay with how we look……no matter how beautiful we think we are, it silently whispers into our ears that we are NOT.

It’s trends, never constant….Lies become Truths

Truth is, if you continue to depend on the society to tell you you’re beautiful….well, it might for a second….but then, it negatively labels you into something INADEQUATE

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Then what are we really punishing ourselves to become when that Girl we see on the magazine is not really as she looked on the magazine….she just had her flaws airbrushed and put some make-up on her confidence

She also struggles with her own body when the camera’s go off

Never wish to be someone until you’ve heard their own stories

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Are we ever going to be enough?

To love and accept ourselves when we haven’t really taken time to really look into the mirror and appreciate what we see…

Binging…skipping..nibbling into the weight of our own happiness until we slowly become nothing.

Let me tell you something absolutely true. YOU are Beautiful!

It took me a while to understand and even accept this….but it was really the truth

And until you realise that…you can’t truly be free from this cage of feeling Inadequate.


Maybe you don’t like what you see, it’s okay…… you can feel that way

but then…go out and change it for the right reasons. Is it your weight? Great! Start exercising…but only for yourself. Because if you do it for anything else, you would eventually fall of the wagon.

You can modify that part of you that makes you feel less, but then don’t focus on it..rather look at the more beautiful parts and appreciate them.

Trying to be someone else’s version of beautiful is you allowing yourself to be bullied into denying your own beauty.

Instead of trying to be her…. love yourself enough to be the best of yourself and let her wish to be you

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Let your CONFIDENCE, Smile, health and difference mold your own version of ‘BEAUTIFUL’

We are all beautiful…but sometimes too lazy to dig deeper and let it shine through.


Do you have a body-shaming experience you’ll like to share with me? Just use the comment box below and let’s have a conversation…I’ll really love that!

Remember…Stay You, Stay True and ofcos BEAUTIFUL!

Love you!!


2 thoughts on ““You’re not Beautiful” – My Experience with Body Shaming

  1. Thats horrible! I’m so sorry about that. But I admire the fact that you used the past tense and youre comfortable sharing it. That signifies how strong youve become. How did u overcome that phase? And thanks for sharing. Love!


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