Lazy Girl Tips….. Every day Makeup-Look

IMG_1989Makeup is one of the greatest and enjoyable blessings in the world rightnow! I mean, God bless every soul that has put in some effort to look good in some way, you make the world prettier…..

And if you’re a girl like me that can’t tolerate spending lots of extra time on making-up everyday…then welcome. This is for you, cos girl…I tots understand where you coming fromIMG_1992

WIth the kinda schedule we work with these days, a girl still needs to save up some time in that whole fizz a fazz to look a πŸ’―πŸ’―

I look around and see girls that slay all the time and I just feel really bad cos I fall amongst the category of girls that only ‘try’ to slay when we got time, but like I’ve heard a couple of times, never wait for the right time…it might’ve just pass you by

so, here is a simple yet gorgeous makeup look you can carry every day and not feel over-the-top but still pretty. It can take you some fast minutes and you don’t have to put more than required effort as long as you get use to it

ofcos you can change up some things in different days to mix up the looks, but make sure you only use what works for you and what you feel the most comfortable in….that is the best makeup accessory: Comfortability !!

Here we go….

Why I really like this look is the fact that very less things were used to create this look, you don’t need a very fancy product or a heap of them…you just need the essentials!


Some people do use primer to start off, but For this look, I didn’t really see the need for that, so I started ofcos with the concealer to conceal all the discolorations and all things that need to be hidden

Eyebrows are next! And I found out that filling works better and it’s easier for me as an everyday process. So I fill it and give it some good shape

Then I use my finger to just dot the foundation around the face while I use the blender, which I highly recommend for blending the foundation out

Next work is the eyes…here, I love working with nudes. Espeacially the ones in the NAKED pallete (they’re so cute! And ofcos efficient) create a very nudish and a bit of shimmery eyeshadow base before you do your eyeliner

-for the eyeliner. If you want to open more of your eyes and make it bigger, you can try lining your upper inner eye, gently ofcos….

for this look, I lined just the inner eyes and made the cat-eye lining too (highly recommended)!IMG_1986

Because you might be running late by now, let’s just do this little things quickly…..

Line up your lips, if you think you need it,,,put up some color on your lips and drop some very shiny but tasty lipgloss on your lips. 1. It makes your lips look healthier 2. it puts some pooff! In your looks

Quickly put up a finger into any eyeshadow that shimmers and drop that in your tear-duct

dab in some powder in the necessary places you wish to, and use your fan-bush to put some bronzer on that face

lastly….just spray and get out!

I hope ThisΒ look works for you and feel free to switch up some things…..

Slay babe!IMG_1987

Remember to Stay True, Stay You and remain Beautiful!


Did I just save your life by giving you some tips to make your day in school, at work or even at home easier? Well, great….let me hear you…IMG_1995

P.S Thank you to this cutie who gave me her face to play with…you can check her up on IG @tz_Kindy!!





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