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The first thing about University and college is that you’re thrown into an unknown territory with new faces and clashing personalities that sometimes overwhelms you, and that could scare the shit out of you at first!

The transition of coming from a warm environment where you know almost everyone and then thrust into a college/university can sometimes be pretty bad for some people, but if you’re reading this…Let me tell you something quickly, BRACE-UP! These scare faces and experiences that seem so big might end up being the closest thing you have.

Being Independent is something that’s also thrust on you. You have to take decisions and make choices beneficial to you.

The moment I realised I had to really get up and clean my room, do my laundry, wash the bathroom, eat healthy and care for myself was the moment I realised that I am becoming my own Independent self, thanks to University

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Prior to University, I would not brag about the fact that I was pretty careless and senseless about things that concern me, I love to say that my mom got my back, and when she doesn’t help me get something done….I get really pissy at her. Today I’m glad she forced me to do my laundry and take care of myself. And it’s real exhausting!

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Truth is, I really got to be INdependent and responsible of myself in University. Although some mistakes and their repercussions did motivate my journey…but I’m damn so proud to say that I care about myself and my being in so much totality more than I ever thought I would , understanding that there’s quite a difference between ‘taking care of yourself’ and being selfish.

Don’t worry too much about what would motivate you to be independent and responsible because College is just the place, like a field of different issues waiting for you. You’re gonna go through some shitty experiences, but through it..You’ll find yourself and become the best version of yourself

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This was the first thing I thought of to be my number one ‘thing I learnt from University’ because it’s something I’m really proud of.

I’m pretty independent enough to do whatsoever I want, go wherever and fend for myself…I like to think I make solid life decisions too

I’m pretty stoked responsible because I care about my self; body, mind and soul. I know when to shut the party off, turn the music down and put my self through lanes.

These are great life lessons that could never be taught in the classroom, but in the environment of your school…..these things are what equip you for the real world waiting after your years of degree

and I feel pretty damn ready…..allow yourself to be touched and changed by the experiences around you!!


From this Independent and responsible final year university student to you, I hope to hear your own say on this first lesson college has on you…Do you have a nice story to share? let me hear you, please and thank you!!

Lots of Love. Stay You, Stay True and Remain Beautiful



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