A Generation without God: Generation Z

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The Generation Z is an easy generation! We live freely, obsessed with trends, hold on to the society, keep tabs on sophistication, do things impatiently….and tag ourselves, “the multi-taskers” because we could still live our pitiable but exciting life to the fullest and still at the same time, forget the whole existence of God, or just ignore it all.

How amazing are we?

I mean, Freedom equates the level of ignorance you have on religion

Darkness measures up adoration

Faith is being mortalised

and wicked ones are the victims here,

What a Generation…to be the smartest yet stupidest!

A Generation that buries your God and borrows your Faith

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How sick!! The strange manifestations going around these days

I mean, strange things are happening! ancient stories are arising. The city of God is opening up its gates to the general assembly…. are you not seeing the mystery?

How scared am I? I cannot tell. It feels like we would slowly forget it too

Forget the amazing blessings God has bestowed upon us, the Mercy sustaining us and the joy of being in his presence….

What and where are you with God?

HOw lost are you? CAn you find yourself before its too late? for all the signs and wonders to be expected prior to the second coming is already adulterated by the strange headlines in our night news…. the only thing we really wait for is the actual blowing of the trumpet

God is great

God is here

God is within you!!

But here is a duty to every one reading this, there’s rapid spiritual activities beyond our spirits capabilities, and its never meant to break you but make you! Its a battle out there and you GOT to fight “that they the saints must do the work of the spirit”- pick a side and fight!

This has been my personal prayer to God; That He set me on fire for Him!

I am a General for God in this Generation without him….what are you?


Be You….



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