10 things University has Taught me in 4years; Day 2

First of all, I want to quickly apologize for my little lateness, I hope you guys are still sticking strong to me. Okay! Lets get back to this very challenge.Image result for savings in school

For number two, I would say the art of savings.

Every real university/college student should understand the art of being broke .

I mean, if you dont understand this, then I’m sorry. Because my truth is, I am 70% broke in all my stay in school, so you gotta learn the ropes to get past that

But even through being broke and having debts (which I majorly discourage and try to stay off, but if you are, makesure you pay off really early!) Every student should learn how to save.

The essentiality of savings would be on another post, where I will share with you guys tips and tricks I use through university and the successful/Fail results. Image result for savings in school

This thing called ‘SAVINGS’ never occurred to me until I got into the university where I had a thousand plans lined up with very less. Through this, you have to understand the need for you to start any easy yet efficient way for you to start savings

Savings is really important.

It aids your dreams

It directs your plans

and even make you feel responsible

But we’re not just talking about money. University has taught me really well on how to save by doing little things like ‘getting free food’ from events, ‘collaborating with a friend’, ‘sharing’ and even eating healthy

You can save up for rainy days because I assure you they would come. Especially here in Nigeria where our Economy is still crawling with its hunch back

So, gear up guys…University has a lot to learn and this one stands at the top list. Image result for savings in school

Let me here you guys yet again and I hope you’re having a great week!!

Stay You. Stay True and REmain Beautiful!




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