What is the presence?

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Through out this month I’ve had topics in church programs bring up the “presence of God” consecutively and slowly I’ve come to vivid terms to what it really means to me.

^^^^^^^The presence is a magnetic force where GOD dwells in

^^^^^^^It is where we should all want to be

When you are allowed access into the presence of God, AMAZING POWERFUL AND STRANGE things happenImage result for presence of godNew lives are given

Grace is abundant

Bones are healed and the most high is exalted!

DO you know how close and intimate God’s presence is? Do you know that there’s just something about that presence?

That when you come with a pure heart, where you press beyond religion, traditions and experience to go before the reality of what his presence is really about..You find the warmth of his embrace. You find HIM.

When the presence of God arrives, no matter how hard you are, the presence of God is something your spirit cannot resist….for we are but mere men!

So, Develop an attitude to stop managing God…he stands in a class of His own

Offer a sacrifice of praise and worship that would feel his temple…his vessel, and understand that you are nothing without him

He is all….For his presence is all

Here is what the presence of God kinda looks like,

Innumerable company of angels…

City of Holiness…

Where Peace, love and Joy are not the absence of human predicaments…..but the presence of God that we dwell within!!

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I just needed to share this with you guys because that has been the highlight of my life, really. It is the yearning and the consistence I’ve had with that PRESENCE that pulls me to share this with you all…. I LOVE YOU!!!


STay you…STay True>>> Stay BEautiful



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