It all sucks!

Have you ever just come across that girl/guy you walked away from? The one you once thought wasn’t good enough for you and all you see rightnow is that, you’re actually the one not good for him rightnow….

That feeling just sucks…..
I mean, especially if you’re at a very difficult part of your life and all you don’t see is the hope for tomorrow…..but you do see the the darkness that threatens to swallow you up!

LIFE is a bitch…literally!

i don’t know how many times you need to hear that inorder to believe it….life really do serve everyone his qota’s

And that ex-boyfriend may have made it well…but that doesn’t mean you’re less because of that.

it just mean your story doesn’t belong together…and if it does….it’ll come back in full circle

Always allow yourself the gift of YOU. Know and understand that everything would work out as good as planned by THAT higher powerr…only if you relax and let the tides e calm


*This is just a short rambling to myself mostly….do I make sense, uhmmm…I don’t think so too.

Love You all…


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