Quick/Informal Review on NIPUD

IMG_2185A programme started today where Private Universities in Nigeria are going to take part in a debate competition for a period of four days …

Interesting topics are discussed and each school fights for a higher mark to scale through….

Fortunately, or unfortunately….My school is amongst one of these university and a study I love debates, ofcos I would do a quick review on it.

Hope you enjoy,


Babcock University had the topic to propose “Non-oil sector is preferred to the monolithic dependence on the oil sector in developing countries”
Captivating, soft and detailed first speaker caught my eyes with her blue shoes and natural beauty. Maybe I should’ve just listened to my parents in being an intelligent fellow…that girl was really smart, and that made me feel dumb for a second. (That would be the last time ofcos) Its quite distinctive that all speakers ended with the phrase, “I rest my case” ….


Here, My friend took over and I hadn’t to pass her the IPad to note on…

(Below are the unfiltered notes my friend took during the sessions….I do wonder how we are friends ofcos, Check below and understand



Igbinedion University: the first speaker wasn’t well dressed and her debate wasn’t captivating. Ah ah, I am not impressed! Bad pronunciation and construction of words.
Sitting behind two men I would guess are part of her team, I wondered at how I should react…but, the side glances they gave at her low comebacks at opposition and how they moved to the edge of the seat has concluded my whole reaction…I am indifferent at the lady with the awkward yellow clothe…but I do love a good debate
Ended with the phrase ‘Let the fact speak for itself’

The second speaker…light skinned, beautiful, confident and outspoken. Noting from her accent, she’s a northerner. Without any form of fear and intimidation she ended beautifully!
The third speaker, a ‘fully persuaded’ young man suggestively from the Eastern part of Nigeria though a bit tensed did fair justice.


Bingham University: this is a personal one, someone I like is one of them, it is my fucking school and we have to win!!!!!!!
‘Whistle blowing in Nigeria is fraught with a moral question’
The first speaker, Ernest Bosha started by quoting a bible passage….Proverbs…. He was quite captivating , he played with words and was confident. Knowing him personally, he’s a genius! However he started by saying ‘good morning’ , brother it is 15:29!
The second speaker, Silgreen wasn’t impressive! Wrong pronunciation of words, ignorant of simple etiquette and wrong dressing….her hair was all over the place
The third speaker, Lydia was very eloquent and composed. Her presentation was good although it was obvious she is ignorant of a few things


Covenant University : The first speaker sure knows his onions! He defined terms and backed up his points using examples, data and facts! It was obvious he knows the Nigerian constitution. He asked rhetorical questions and made sarcastic remarks. He’s pretty cool…oh yeah handsome too! #winks
The second speaker started by stating a practical example. He’s an ajebo!! From the way he held the speaker to the way he spoke, jeez the brother is a mummy’s boy! He’s cute and calm! Sha I’m not surprised, covenant University no dey carry last
Yes! The third speaker made an obvious mistake, a mistake Silgreen and Lydia from Bingham University made. She’s quite a talker, I love her fitted jacket. Couldn’t keep my eyes off it!

(here is a picture of the second speaker leaving the stage with shame)- What nerves does to you when you prioritize wrongly)

Rhema University, the first speaker…wrong dressing, she should have packed her hair in a more attractive way. She was quite confident and she made good use of facial expressions and body movements. Very boring though and so not captivating ( it’s not like I’m any better, smh)
The second speaker, lovely outfit, beautiful hair, nice makeup and striking skin color…Shit! She forgot some of her points and was super tensed!
The third speaker made too many uses of punctuations, hence broken sentences and points were made at a slower pace


Nile University, Nigeria. The first speaker, a 100 level medical student. Very intelligent and she’s a black beauty. She’s exposed and she carried her audience along. She was confident and convincing. I want to be her friend!..Erm, thinking about it, Naa I’m good with my few friends.
The second speaker, a modest and smart biological student. She looked like a nerd.
The third speaker wasn’t all that, he was averagely good and he sounded like he was rapping. He should consider music!

Caleb University
The first speaker started by pledging his loyalty to Nigeria. Though he fumbled, he’s a town crier! So loud and loud! It’s obvious he’s smart and learned, maybe just not a debater!
The second speaker had good composure and was eloquent.
The third speaker pronounced his words properly and was straightforward….maybe too fast to be heard. It was like he was practicing to be a newscaster


Afe Babalola University: the guy with a bald head was the first speaker. He highlighted his points explicitly and was coherent.
The second speaker was bold and made her points clear. I am quite impressed! The Gag is that ABUAD is low key the University I attend (in my head).
The third speaker was quite good. Nothing special and interesting about him!

While waiting for the judges to give their verdicts, the DJ gave us some not so religious jams. Sharon is a crazy girl, she kept dancing and making weird noises…like sister, behave yourself! Your crush is watching (super super shameless).

Final scores decided by the judges for each University is
Evangel – 53/70x
Rhema- 54/70x
Caleb – 55/70
ABUAD- 57/70
Igbinedion – 58/70
Bingham- 59/70
Babcock – 59/70
Convenant – 60/70
Nile- 63/70

Rhema and Evangel we’re behind the cut off mark of 55….so they were cut off from the competition!

There is hope for Bingham University…. but a greater hope is for the Country it exists in: NIGERIA

Quite an interesting day I guess….but I hope you enjoy that interesting thing she wrote. I would go over it the same time, you guys do. I might even write something about tomorrow’s event myself…and will also pray for my own University to scale through tomorrow

Don’t forget!
Stay you …..Stay True and Remain Beautiful.


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