Meet this week’s; GUEST WRITER


This week has been crazy for me, but its also been exciting!

I’m super excited to tell you guys that there’ll be a blog takeover for this week and some weeks to come. That means, I would have some very interesting people posting content for this blog and you guys…. I am so stoked for this new activity and a little bit scared that you might like them better, thereby kicking me out!! LOL.

Anyways, I do hope you enjoy them as I personally do…… P>S Dont get too attached pls! (and dont worry, I would ocassionally post stuffs too, and would indicate when I do as I’m too obsessed with you guys that I cannot stay away for too long)

Here is this week, Guest Writer….Few Facts About HER

  • She’s Deborah John
  • A first year student majoring in English and Literary Studies
  • Nigerian
  • Likes to read, write, sports and ofcos, speakingIMG_2126

She’s mainly here because I want to see the world through her very young vibrant eyes. Let’s begin and I look forward to what’s coming ahead, hope y’all are too??

Dont forget to Stay True, You and REmain Beautiful!!



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