Money Issues In Relationships

Money and Relationship are both independently IMPORTANT!

The views concerning money in a relationship has always been a controversial matter in relationships. Many questions have been thrown to this subject.

While  Some have opined that for a girl under the care and control of her father, money should not be her purpose for a relationship, the boyfriend is therefore under no compulsion to give her money. In as much as this is true, true love must reach out a helping- hand where necessary.

So, on what grounds is it justifiable for a girl to collect money from her boyfriend or even ask him for money?  Why not probe further; can’t I give my boyfriend money when he is in need or even as a gift? The modern world that has made women so vulnerable has also instilled in them the mentality to be solely dependent on men. They wear their worries about and expect money to be the ultimate problem solver. They neglect that women are givers as well. If both the guy and the girl can be there for each other at their point of need, it definitely would go a long way to build a strong bond.

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Speaking at a young ladies’ fellowship on this topic a lady said “collecting or demanding money from your boyfriend is like receiving wages for work not done”. A relationship should be centered on love.  This mutual feeling between two people in a friendship should not make meeting another’s need hard. For every man and woman in a marriage or a relationship that would eventually lead to marriage, the topic of money and relationship should not be overlooked. Questions pop up and are confronted with raised brows or never really answered as they should, however there is always a way out in this.

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Once, this question was asked at the fellowship: should I marry a man I earn more than? On first thought many girls shouted “hell no”. Why?  This brings us to one of the greatest enemy of the 21st century woman- submission. Our secular world advocates equality, it fills our ears with hunger for independence even at the expense of our feminine dignity; and we lose our senses to pride and undefined pursuits.

It is absolutely okay to marry a man you earn much more than as far as it does not strain your relationship. Cause if it does, then the whole thing is a definite mess. A story tells of a woman who earned more cash than her husband. This marriage stood the test of time not because the woman chose to be the man of the family, but because she was woman enough to take the back scene and let her husband take the lead. Each time she received her payment, she would give it to her husband. No one can relate her struggle but her joy knew no bounds when a couple years later her husband met his glorious fate. His patience was rewarded with a job that paid thrice his wife’s. Her dedication, humility, servitude and love were rewarded by an eternal marriage.

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How then do you know if you really matter to your partner?  It is about time you really matter in the relationship you are in. A man only invests in a woman when she also invests in him, its not rocket science but how humanity works.

And NO one really matters unless he is making impact.

So suit up and make positive impacts in your relationship and beyond.







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