10things I’ve learned in my 4 years in University



For the years you’ll invest in a College or University, amongst your rewards would be the life-long friendships you’ll get to build with the people around you.

For me, making friends is something I enjoy doing on a daily basis. I enjoy the thrill of meeting new people, hearing their stories and slowly unraveling the truth of their being….People are kinda my thing to say!

…but at the same time, I have learnt to not depend too much on your friends. You’ll get disappointed.( ofcos, you should expect something to some level, you worth it girl!).
Coming to the University, I came in mind to not really make any bestfriends, as I already bask in the loyalty of my three lovely bestfriends from secondary school (high school) …but I also wanted to make genuine close friends….which I would humbly say I’ve accomplished in the last four years.

Humans are engineered in such a lovely way that makes us crave for companionship….we want friends we can talk to about anything. Share our grief, pain and someone that can understand us

we want friends we can depend on, espeacially in the Savage environment we find ourselves…..someone to step up for you and defend you when you’re not around

someone you can grab a drink with or just have a movie-chill anytime or anywhere…

Recently, I just had a friend camp on my floor for three days…..and it was beautiful. Having her so close enough to say and share things with her was the highlight of my weekend.



or just a solid Friendship with one person. No matter what it may be….just enjoy the ride as it goes.

But also….don’t expect it to be all rosy.

I had a sad experience a week ago while I was a bit down with symptoms of malaria…..Where none of my so called close friends even bothered to take care of me or even check up on me.

It was a bit embarrassing to have a number of close friends you’ll do anything for….absent when you need them the most.

Well, let’s say the strangers that bothered about me during that time are now good friends with me…..and even more beautiful friendships are built.

Are friendships complicated? I don’t know, I think so! But whatever way it is, enjoy your year in school and never forget to learn from your experiences.

Until next time. Stay You, Stay True and Remain Beautiful.



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