10 things University Has Taught Me in 4years


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I know that sounds cheesy, right? But it’s true.

Colleges and Universities are legendly known to be a background of heartbreaks and subjects of wedding speeches!

It’s never just about falling in love with someone, it’s something. It’s about how the things around you make you feel inside, how much they touch and change you. How you hold so strongly to them and they are stuck on you!

College/Universities are the best arena for these things…..I swear, you’ll cry, laugh hard, meet weird people, be freaked and fall in love….often times, more than once

…but if you’re really lucky, you fall in love over and over and over again with just the same person and the same thing! “lol, talk about commitment,guys!!!

And I promise  it’s all going to be beautiful.

You meet different people that give you different vibes and eventually, you find someone/something that fits perfectly. That is the MAGIC!

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But don’t worry if you don’t find the perfect guy in college….just like me, I never found any perfect fit for me in my own university, but then I have someone who is THE perfect one outside the walls of my school. It might not happen with a fellow school mate and it’s okay, it just has to happen while in School

You’re in the process of really growing up….and until you experience all these, Life wouldn’t be all colorful for you.

I would say for me, I fell more in love with writing, blogging, travelling, friends, beauty and even decorating in Uni…..though I fell in love with a boy outside my University

I’m still so grateful for the loud opportunities my University has given me…..

So, brace up to fall in love, sadly fall-out, regret some decisions, clean-up wet cheeks and have loud hard laughs……at the end of the day, it is all worth the excruciating pain!

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Of course I’ll really love to hear from you, how many times you have fallen in love in college/University….. I know some really lucky ones would say once….but then it’s ALRIGHT!






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