It wasn’t suppose to end this way #AShortStory

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‘How am I suppose to move on, Fred?’ Sophie forced out as tears run down her face. It was never suppose to be this way, It was never suppose to be this way….not like this! This is an unacceptable end to them.

The story of Sophie Lee and Fred Amata is one story worth telling….it is the kind that should not be ignored.Β 

At 13, love glanced at her in the face of her cousin- James’ bestfriend who was 15 at the time. She could remember how majorly disoriented she got when he was close to her, close friends told her it was just a crush-phase, but she knew it was more than that, and every night she goes to sleep….he was her last thought, he was all she prays for

Then one day, James asked Fred to pick Sophie from a friends party back home and that was it. Fred’s ease with Sophie was starting to annoy her as she felt he was treating her cautiously, but then he said something so funny that got them laughing so hard and made her comfortable. Dreading the time it will end, she suggested they both got ice-cream from a different road…and that moment was magical to her. The moment he gave her a little smile that showed his dimple and moved to turn back the car to honor her wishes….everything in her exploded and his smile frozen in her memory

She knew she was in love with Fred….and she held on to that feeling until she was 16. With perky breasts and her feeble body giving way to womanhood, did he finally ‘see’ her…not just as James’ cousin, but as a WOMAN.

So, when he finally asked her out…..she gave in. She was thrilled to findout she was the first girl in his life. And since then, they’ve been stuck together with little or nothing between them

They were going to get married, have kids, build an amazing future together and even change the world….that was the plan! It was their dream together… dream intricates perfectly into the other

but then…things began to change….it was expected. They both knew changes will come and they were ready to face it…no matter what, they both we’re going to face it together, and they DID.

At 23, he was 25…..and at one magical night, he decided to ask her officially to share her life with him. Looking down at him, she knew this was her life….how his voice shakes a bit and the nervousness apparent in his eyes (eventhough, he knew this was always the plan for them…to get married) She knew this was it. But as she moved to say, YES to his smiling beautiful face

…something violently pulls her back. She was drawn into a colourful phase of white, blue, white, blue…was that the sky? something was taking her away from Fred…away from her dream, please, let me go! don’t take me away from him! Fred, don’t let me go….Fred hold onto me!Β  …so she closed her eyes to will it away

It worked! Everything was quiet except the weird beeping, the antiseptic smell (where did that come from) and Fred’s hand holding hers was a bit softer than she remembered.

“Yes” she blurts out the response, her voice rough. And as she moved to open her eyes, the hand holding hers jerked in surprise and her mom’s voice filled her head

“oh my God, Sophie. Sophie, my baby…you’re okay, you’re okay. You’re okay baby girl” her mom continues to say as she tearingly kissed her all over her face “Does anywhere hurt? don’t move my love. Everyone’s outside. Let me just get the doctor”

Sophie began to freak out, what was she doing here? And as she looked down her body she realised her body is smaller, “mom, what happened to me? what is wrong with me mommy?” she hysterically asked

Her mom promised to tell her everything but only after the doctor has checked her and the whole people outside have seen her.

And as she finally listened with pain as her mother told her that she was involved in an accident with Fred, she’s been in coma for a month and Fred had passed away immediately after the accident….she broke down and turned her face into the pillow

…..because she finally understood why she was smaller. It was because she was still 13. Nothing ever happened….they never got a chance to do anything. So the 10 years she thinks she had spent with Fred was just a month of unconsciousness

Still…she wants it. She wishes she could go back and stay with him there. Where they both were alive and happy. so she quietly and sadly makes plan to just finish herself off…and as her parents chatter happily around her, she silently thinks of the way she can die painlessly in order to meet Fred, just so they can continue from where they left off

And at midnight, when the people around her are all asleep…she moved off the bed with pain and decided to just jump off the roof. But a sleepy voice stopped her….it was James’s

“You know you were found with his body shielding yours, right? They said your head was cushioned in his arms…everyone has been trying to understand how fast he was to do that. But I know he has his reasons of helping you stay alive, cous”

Sophie tried to look for James’ face…but it was too dark.

“Don’t make me loose my bestfriend for nothing. Only you can keep his memory alive” he breakingly adds

She slowly moved back to her bed and looked up as hot tears spilled out, “I love him, James.”

James always knew that. Everyone did. “And he loved you too. Not as you expect, but he was eventually going to get there. I mean he must have, because you’re here with us now. He must have loved you”

everywhere was dead silent, and sophie was sure James had gone back to sleep

‘How am I suppose to move on, Fred?’ Sophie forced out as more tears run down her face. It was never suppose to be this way, It was never suppose to be this way….not like this! This is an unacceptable end to them.Image result for pain love

Hey guys, too long, too short? too many mistakes? I’m sorry…I just drafted this with very little thought behind. I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

Tell me if you want this to continue..and if I can write short stories for you guys. I love you and happy sunday.




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